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    window well
  • The open subsurface space that provides light through a basement window.

  • A curved, corrugated steel insert used to isolate basement windows from moisture if they're below the soil line.

  • A metal or masonry frame outside of a basement window which keeps the earth away from the window yet allows light to enter.

  • The furnishing and decoration of a room

  • Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment.

  • The decoration and scenery of a stage

  • interior decoration: decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior

  • The style of decoration of a room, building

Walter Peytons Roundhouse

Walter Peytons Roundhouse

This has to be the coolest place. This shot was taken from the inside of a roundhouse that was renovated 15 years ago and today is a restaurant, banquet rooms, bars, museum and an outdoor party area for live bands and outdoor dining. I arrived here at about 10am. The employees were doing what restaurant employees do to get ready for the pending lunch crowd. I asked if it would be ok to walk around and do some photos. They had no problem with that request.

Each of these arched windows represents a place where a locamotive engine could go in for repairs. If you look close at the base of the windows outside, you can see the remnants of the track. In the center, there was a track that revolved so the engine could be directed into the right arched opening for the repair that was needed or back out of the circle and on its way after repairs were completed. I never knew this place existed until last Thursday.

The pictures below show the size of this place. I walked around the entire interior and had the best time photographing all the different angles, curves, light and shadows.

I got the b/w images from the web. I also want to include some of the history from the web. It explains this place better than me:

"The history of the Aurora Roundhouse begins in 1856, when Aurora, Illinois was chosen as the site for a major car building and repair shop by the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Originally, twenty-two stalls were built to house and repair locomotives. Eight additional stalls were added in 1859, and in 1864, the final ten stalls were added to the Roundhouse, making it a complete circle. Further additions and improvements between 1863 and 1923 included two fireproof buildings, a 701 foot artesian well, an engine house for the car department, a new coal house, and an electric powerhouse. In 1867, a new depot was built, along with the additions of two stone roundhouses and other shops.

1960 saw a major decline in railroad service, as the automobile became the prevailing form of transportation. In 1974, the Aurora shops closed and within a few years the Aurora shops had been demolished, with the exception of the original roundhouse structure and its connecting shops.

The Aurora Roundhouse lay empty and deteriorating for many years until 1995, when the Aurora City Council voted 10-0 to permit Walter Payton, NFL Hall of Famer, and his partners Scott Ascher, Pam Ascher and Mark Alberts to redevelop it. It then became Walter Payton's Roundhouse Complex, housing America's Brewpub, America's Brewing Company, America's Banquets, the Walter Payton Museum, and an open air entertainment courtyard. It officially opened on March 21, 1996, celebrating the 140th year of the roundhouse. The Aurora Roundhouse is the oldest existing limestone roundhouse in the nation."

Walter Peyton only paid $10 for this. The renovations had to cost a lot of money but there was no mention of what that amount was, anywhere.

Now that was quite a service station, wasnt it? I wonder if the attendant washed the front and back windows,

For those of you who live locally, this is well worth a visit. Im not talking about just for photography, but it really looks like a fun place to go for dinner/drinks/entertainment, etc. Its located just north of New York Street on the east side of Rt. 25. The casino riverboat is across the street.

Window detail

Window detail

By the end of 1893 work was well under-way. Grey stone was quarried in nearby Chestnut Hill while Indiana limestone served for the exterior trim of doors, windows and other elements. For the interior installations, the finest local craftsmen were called upon for the vast amount of hand-carved woodwork involved. The decor of the principal rooms expressed an eclectic selection of various French styles ranging from the Renaissance through the age of Louis XV.

window well decor

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